Sometimes it can feel like you're in an endless loop, repeating the same kind of days over and over again. Days when you feel like you aren't getting anywhere with your life. Days filled with tears and sadness. With disappointment. With anger. 

When you were a kid, you never expected it to be like this. For each day to be just this hard to get through. You thought that it would be easy to get to where you wanted to be. You thought that at the age of 18, you would be graduating from high school, ready to go to some prestigious college. You thought that after college you'd easily land a high salary job. You'd live in a big house with some of your loved ones. 

Or maybe you thought that you would be a famous actor. Or have a couple published novels. Or be a prestigious piano player. Whatever your dreams were, you were certain that you'd reach them. You were sure that anything was possible. That you would be happy, and content, and everything would just be right.

But life isn't that simple. Life isn't a clear set straight path that we take to get from point a to point b. Life is this complicated, intertwined loop of memories, thoughts, and feelings. You're bound to fail once in a while. To make a couple of mistakes. To have to backtrack and retry a couple different things.

And that makes it so easy to get stuck. To get stuck in mundane days where nothing really seems to be happening. To get stuck in dark days, full of sorrow and pain. And you just desperately want it to stop. You desperately want tomorrow to be different from today, but you don't know if it ever will. 

And if this is you, if you feel like nothing is going right in your life, you just have to keep on going. You just have to keep on living through your days, and know that life isn't going to be like this forever. 

You have to keep yourself from keeping discouraged, and continue chasing your dreams, whatever they are. You have to take a deep breath, and be determined to take risks. Risks that will make tomorrow a better tomorrow. And if it fails, that's okay. You just need to keep on moving, keep on living. Keep on trying, keep on following your dreams. 

Above all, you need to have hope. Hope that tomorrow will be better than today. Hope that tomorrow, things will work out for you. Hope that tomorrow, you'll be happier. 

If you get yourself in the mindset that things are never going to get better for you, nothing ever will change. 

But, if you take control of your life, if you choose to not let failure stop you from chasing your dreams, if you have hope...Then, I promise that you'll get where you want to be. I promise that you'll be happier. And I promise that you'll have wonderful tomorrows. 



  1. I love the name of this blog! And this post was truly wonderful!! Thank you. :)
    -Gray Marie

  2. Amazing post, Jollygirl :) Thank you so much for sharing <3

  3. You have no idea how much I needed this right now. Great and much appreciated post <3

    - Jo

    1. I'm glad, it means a lot to me :-)

  4. I love this, Jolly Girl!

    I think you've touched on some very important life lessons here.

    One thing that I think is incredibly important is not giving up- which you've mentioned. I really see the value and importance of perseverance and sticking things out till the end!

    Thank you for my Monday motivation!


    1. Yes, that is so important. It's one of those things that's easier said than done, but it's important to remember, nevertheless.
      Thank you!

  5. Such an important reminder. I love the summer months, but it often feels like a slump of just nothing at times where the only thing to do is sit outside and watch the world go by. But we'll get to our place eventually, though. ^.^

    xoxo Abigail Lennah


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