Relax and Unwind: Little Things I Do to De-stress

Hey, everyone! Stress is something that a lot of people deal with frequently, including me. In these situations, it's important to know that you don't have to continue feeling this way and that there are things you can do to feel better. So, I've compiled a list of little things that I do when I'm stressed out (and that you can do, too!)

1. Listen To Relaxing Music 
There are plenty of amazing instrumental music soundtracks on YouTube. They always seem to have such a calming affect on me. 

Some that I like in particular are:
a) 3 Hours of Relaxing Music- "Beautiful Piano". This is basically a really beautiful, bright, positive sounding song, that is played on loop by a piano for three hours.
b) 1 Hour Ultimate BTS Piano Music.  This is a compilation of piano covers of the songs of the k-pop  group, BTS. If you're an ARMY (the fandom name for BTS), this won't succeed in calming you down, and will instead result in lots of fangirling and screaming of lyrics in mangled Korean. If you're not a fan of the group, you'll be fine, and it will definitely prove to be relaxing. Although, you really should check them out. Listen through their albums, watch an interview, or take a look at a music video. I PROMISE THAT THEY'RE AMAZING. *not so subtly pushes BTS on to readers

2. Journaling
I've been journaling consistently every day for a little more than a month now. It just really helps to get my thoughts written down on paper. I know that it can be hard for some people to keep up with journaling, so I recommend that you find a specific time and place to write every day so that it becomes part of your daily routine. 

3. Take A Shower + Moisturize
Taking a hot, relaxing shower on a stressful day is just such a relaxing experience. Using bath salts can really help with the de-stressing, too. Afterwards, MOISTURIZING IS KEY. There is nothing better than the feeling of having soft, nice smelling skin, on a stressful day. 

4. Watch Something Relaxing
Sometimes, you just need to bundle up under some soft blankets, and binge-watch some TV. In times of stress, I like watching sitcoms or "comfort shows." Some examples of shows that could work for you are Modern Family (my personal favorite), Friends, Gilmore Girls, a show from your childhood/past, etc. 

5. Take A Walk
It can be really nice to just get away from what's stressing me out for a little while and just go outside and enjoy nature. The fresh air and sunlight can really help clear my mind and give me time to reflect on my day. 

6. Breathing
Breathing is an instant fix for stress. My favorite breathing technique is to inhale for a count of four, hold your breath for a count of seven, and then exhale for a count of eight. Another one that might work for you is to inhale for a count of two, and then exhale for a count of two. Then inhale for a count of four, followed by an exhale for a count of four. You can continue to increase the time of your inhale and exhale until you begin to feel calm.

7. Read 
WHY IS THIS NOT HIGHER UP ON MY LIST? Anyway, reading is something that definitely helps me de-stress. It's just really nice to be able to escape into another world, where your problems don't even exist. Of course, even though reading can distract you from your own stress, it can introduce a whole new stress into your life about what will happen to the characters and the worlds in the books you're reading.

8. Spending Time With Loved Ones
When I'm stressed out or feeling down, spending time with my friends and family is one of the best things I can do. They give me a shoulder to lean on and someone to converse my problems to. They also never fail to brighten up my day, and distract me from whatever's bothering me. Sometimes, all you need to feel better is a hug from someone you care about. 

9. Take A Break
Lastly, I just want to say that if something is really stressing you out, it's okay to just take a break from it. There is nothing more important than your mental health and well-being. Know that it's okay to feel stressed out once in a while, but also make sure to always prioritize your mental health first. 



  1. Brilliant post, I definitely needed to hear these things. I stress so much, and these tips are awesome. Thank you! <3

    Amy @ A Magical World Of Words

  2. Hey Jolly Girl!

    I think it's very interesting that you separate journaling and blogging.
    Have you ever considered using your blog as a daily journal?


    1. I don't know, I don't think I would be able to keep up with it and I also don't think I'd be comfortable with sharing that much of my personal life online. It's a interesting thought, though!

  3. YESS I love this! I often journal when I'm stressed or need to unwind. It's a very nice way to release allll the thoughts crammed in my head. :P

    AND YES FOR MOISTURIZING. My pet peeve is having dry skin, so I put on lotion a million times a day. Glad I'm not the only one. :P

    katie grace
    a writer's faith

    1. YES MOISTURIZING. Same, tho..I find my self putting lotion on ALL THE TIME

  4. These are all super relaxing :)

  5. This is such a timely post! It's been a stressful few weeks over here, and I've been having difficulty unwinding. All your suggestions are really good :)

    1. I'm glad this was of use!!! Thanks for reading :-)


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