Reaching For The Stars

Hey guys! The below is just something I wrote..I'm not exactly sure what it is, though. It's not really a poem even though it looks like it is. I guess I would describe it as a short story written in a poem-like format. Anyway, it's not that good, but it was fun to write, and I do want to share it with you guys, so without further ado.....

you had so many dreams
even as a young child,
you wanted everything
"can you really do so much?",
"can you really have so much?" i said to you.
"i want to reach for the stars," you said back,
"and i will, i will reach the stars." 
a big smile grew on your face 
in anticipation,
and i smiled back.
we grew older,
a few years later,
i was walking through the school
and i found you
hunched up on a bench,
"what's wrong?" i asked.
"i'm not sure if i'll be able to reach the stars,"
you said through tears.
"why do you think that?" i asked.
you explained what had happened to you.
"It's just one setback, it doesn't mean anything" i said,
i encouraged you,
"don't give up," i said.
you nodded,
"i will reach the stars," you said,
began to smile,
and i smiled back. 
we grew older,
i didn't talk to you much
in the years following.
whenever i saw you,
you were busy,
busy trying to reach the stars,
to accomplish all your dreams,
too busy to make time for me. 
i went to college,
got a job,
started to forget about you
and your dreams. 
and then,
i found you again,
years later
perched on the doorstep of my house,
dark circles ringing your eyes.
"i didn't accomplish my dreams," you said.
"i didn't reach the stars."
i tried to encourage you,
to keep going,
keep trying,
you didn't listen. 
"stop," you said.
"stop, look at me."
"i'm a failure."
"i didn't reach the stars and i never will."
and then you ran off,
i ran after you,
we ran and we ran and we ran,
and then as the day faded away
and night came,
you finally sat down,
in the middle of the woods,
and i sat down next to you,
you didn't say anything,
i didn't say anything,
and together,
we watched the sky meet the stars,
the stars meet the sky,
forming a world of indigo
dotted with shining lights.
we sat for hours,
and just watched,
the enchanting stars
of the beautiful night sky,
listening to the silence of the night. 
you turned towards me,
took a finger and pointed it to the stars,
"well," you said,
"i guess i've finally reached the stars,"
you began to smile,
and i smiled back. 


  1. This is really good. I can see it all happening in my head. Thanks for writing this Jollygirl x

    The Life of Little Me

  2. ooh!
    this was beautifully written <3<3


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