How to Manage Your Time

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A lot of us have some pretty busy schedules. With schoolwork, after school activities, blog posts, and more, it can be hard to find time to do it all! So, I've decided to share my tips on managing time, so that you can get everything done, and still have some spare time left for yourself!
~ Get Done With Your School Work First!
After a long tiring day at school, it can be tempting to immediately jump on to your laptop, start watching the television, or finish off a book that you are reading. But, if you do these activities for too long, you may not leave enough time for yourself to get done with your other tasks for the day. So, I suggest that one you get home, you immediately polish off your homework, before letting yourself do other activities. If you are really tired, and need to clear your brain and freshen up before you start working, then I suggest that you set a timer for about fifteen minutes, and eat a snack and relax in this time. But after your fifteen minutes end, start working!

~ Keep The Distractions Away!
Often times, while I'm doing my work, I'll get distracted with a book, or my laptop. These distractions make simple work, take a much longer time than it should. So, while you are accomplishing your tasks, I suggest that you remove all the distractions out of the room that you are working in. If you think your laptop is going to be a distraction, but you need it for the task you have to do, then I suggest that you use an app to block distraction websites. Keeping away distractions will help you fully focus on your work, which in will save a lot of time!

~ Schedule and Prioritize!
Scheduling is a great way to get things done in a shorter amount of time, as you will know how much time, and at what time you will have to do a task. Figuring out how long a task should take before you complete it, will keep you from elongating the process. Another thing I suggest, is to do the important tasks first, and the least important tasks last. This will help make sure that you complete all the tasks that are more urgent. You can read more about scheduling and prioritizing on another blog post I did, here

~ Use Every Spare Moment to Complete Tasks!
This is one of my favorite ways to save time. If you get a spare moment during the day (any break over 2 minutes), I suggest you use that time to get something done! For example, if you finish a test in one of your classes early, and you still have five minutes until the end of class, instead of sitting and doing nothing, start doing something! You could use that time to start on your homework, read a book, write something, brainstorm blog post ideas, and much more! If you look, you'll find a lot of small breaks throughout the day (especially in school), and it makes your life a lot easier if you utilize this time to do something productive. 

~ Use Lunches!
This is similar to the above tip, but lunches are a great place to get things done, too. You don't have to work on something every day at lunch- it is important to have fun and relax when eating. But, if you know that you have a lot of tasks to complete that day, then I suggest that you use your lunch time to complete some of your workload. 

~ Don't Panic!
Even if you have too many tasks to do, but don't have enough time to do it, don't panic. Just follow these steps, and save as much time as possible. Even with saving time, sometimes you may not be able to complete all the tasks you want to do that day. Don't worry about not completing something- it is not that big of a deal. You can just finish what you did not have time to complete the following day.


  1. Thanks for the tips Jollygirl! School's coming up soon and this was a great reminder and made me somewhat motivated to manage my study time better.

    The Life of Little Me

  2. Fabulous post! These tips are going to be super helpful! *bookmarks post*


    1. Thanks, I'm glad you liked them!

  3. Useful post.Time management is an art.If we know how to manage it, we can succeed in our life.
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  4. Thanks for the tips! I always love a good organisation post, haha!
    Paige xo // The Joys of Being Paige

    1. Thank you!
      I love organization posts, too!

  5. Great tips! I'm an OCD organizer, so I kinda obsess over organisation posts too ;)


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