A Guest Post From Edie: A Poem Titled "Swimming in the Lake"

Hello everyone! Today I'm sharing a post from Edie, at Minty Perfections. Edie sent a poem to me, that is very beautiful. So anyway, let's read her post!

Swimming in a lake

The water,
deep and warm
makes me shiver with happiness.
I feel feeble like a mouse cornered by a cat with a rumbling stomach
Yet as bold as that cat, satisfied with his catch 
I take a plunge

I feel that satisfaction is finally in my grasp
That life is finally in my grasp
For it is, indeed, precious.

As the water covers me up I feel I could not hurt a souI 
I question how someone could possibly hurt anyone
We should value life
Nobody does
Not you, not me
We wish we would die
We want the ground to swallow us up
We wish others would die
We shout and scream

I swim a few metres
I can't get enough 
of this happiness

I know
of course
when I get out life will be the same
I will start wishing I am dead
I will want the ground to swallow me up
I will
I guarantee

Because I'm part of the vicious, bloodthirsty, hurtful race that is 


About Edie Rose:
I am a blogger from London who enjoys reading and writing. I started Minty Perfections in April 2015 and have had many opportunities because of it. I am a proud member of Guardian Children's books. 

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  1. I did a reactions post for your barbie is impossible post!


    - Edie

    1. I read it! It was very interesting, and I'm very honored that you did a reaction post!

  2. Good job, Edie! That poem is brilliant!

    xoxo Morning

    1. Thanks for reading! Edie's poem is very good :-)

  3. BRILLIANT! I'm gonna follow you Jollygirl :)

    1. Yes, Edie's poem was amazing, wasn't it?
      Thanks for the follow!

  4. I know that you've enrolled into my Blogger Choice Awards and just wanted to say that you only have 3 more days left to nominate people for categories, all the information about that is on my blog in previous posts, thanks!

    Rukiya XX


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