Applying For The DG Summit: Tips

Hello! As many of you know, I attended the Discovery Girls summit this August. Now, they are accepting applications again, for the 2015 summit. The summit is for girls ages 8-12, but if you sent the application in when you were 12, but turned 13 by August, that is still okay(we had one 13 year old at our summit). If you're chosen to be a Discovery Girl, you get to attend the summit and make 35 new friends, and you get to contribute to a magazine and be in it(this summit, each girl has a two page spread)! If you want to find more information out, about the magazine and the questionnaire click here.  Anyway, lets get on to the tips!!

    First of all, remember that anyone can be a Discovery Girl, whether you're in the magazine or not. A Discovery Girl is a kind person who tries to be her best self. So, even if you don't get picked, keep your head high, because you're amazing. You're a Discovery Girl! There are so many wonderful girls in this world, and Linda(a staff member from DG) told us that it was very hard to pick the girls, and it took such a long time, as they loved everyone's applications! So basically, what I'm trying to say here is, be confident while you're writing the questionnaire. Don't count your chickens before they hatch, but do know that you have just the same chance as anyone!

    Be yourself! DG wants to see the real you, not some fake person that you created. Love yourself, and shower your uniqueness onto the questionnaire. After all, DG is made up of real girls, that face real problems, who all have their talents.

    Be completely honest! Don't hide anything! DG will understand what you're going through! And don't make up anything either. When you make up things like that, that shows that you are insecure. But, you have no reason to be. And if DG does pick you, would you want it to be because they liked you, or some other girl you made up?

   Give lots and lots and lots of details! Don't leave out anything! Say everything you want to say. DG loves reading about all kinds of different girls! So, make sure that you say everything that is important.

   Include something other than your questionnaire along with it. Nadia sent in a video of her playing piano. Tahlia made a scrapbook with her answers in them and sent a video where she shared it, I sent in a poem that I wrote. So if you have time, try to send in something extra that really shows your personality!


  • Know that you have a chance of getting picked
  • Be yourself
  • Be completely honest and don't hide anything
  • Give lots of details
  • If you can, send something extra in with your questionnaire

I hope this helped! Bye!

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  1. Great tips! Don't be afraid to be you!


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