Some piece of writing that I randomly wrote

I just kind of randomly wrote this right now:

Slowly, rising from the murky water, that had so willingly pulled Endon down, he looked toward the enemy with grim determination, and then turned his head to the weakling men behind him.
"Fight!" he bellowed. 

Both crowds raced to each other, readying their beloved spears, to hit a target, the target, and please their leader. Endon's thin-like structure enabled him to squeeze through fighters, taking them down as he ran along. 

Endon paused to watch one of his better men, Jared. The enemy aimed for the precious heart, missing as Jared turned around, and hitting his back. Jared fell to the ground, blood pooling out of his back. He scrunched his eyes, and fell to the ground. No, he wasn't dead yet. But he soon would be. 

A tear ran down Endon's cheeks, but he blinked it away. Endon, though he fought a lot with Jared, was always quite fond of him.  I must go on he thought. 

Endon knew the main target of the enemies was him. Withouth a leader, you don't a chance. His flexible body, allowed him to dart away. 

Endon ran forward, spotting an eye on the enemy's leader, Saknis and charging forward. He readied his spear and aimed just as Saknis did.  "Aaauuh!" both Saknis and Endon cried. Both fell to the ground, Endon going first and then Saknis going over him. Both spears reached their target, the heart. And then came the torturous scream of both, because they both shared one thing. Both's wives were pregnant, and they would never get to see their child. And, their eyes shut closed, 

All the men stopped, and looked, now unsure what to do. A silvery floating circle slowly arose from the ground. "Two bloods have mixed. And the heirs will be the ones who fix, all this chaos and lead to victory!" a cry came from somewhere. 

The men's eyes were wide, and all at once, they turned around retreating. 


  1. That was great! There were a few typos but apart from that I really want to read more and discover what they're fighting about!

  2. I agree with Oakstar's comment!

  3. Would be interested in reading a book from you - you're very talented! This was really good. :)


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