Blogging: 5 Tips about blog designs

Hello!!! A blog's design is definitely an important part of your blog. Of course, the content is what really matters. But, most people won't even bother to read your posts, unless they like the look of your blog. So, I wanted to give you some tips about designing your blog!

1. Have a simple back round. I really like plain white back rounds. White goes with anything and it keeps your blog looking professional. Other solid bold colors are also good for back rounds.

2.  Make your header pretty but not too flashy or intricate. You want your readers to focus on your post and not get distracted.

3. Use color combinations. Try to limit the color scheme on your blog to 2-3 colors.

4. Don't clutter up your sidebar. Put the necessary gadgets on first such as a follow button, blog button, an archive, etc...You can even leave your sidebar completely blank and have all your gadgets placed at the bottom of your blog.

5. Make sure you write your posts in a readable font. Normal Calbri font or Times New Roman should do just fine. Also, remember to not have too many fonts across your blog. 3 is a good amount(header, sidebar/date, post content)


  1. Great post with some great tips!


  2. Amazing tips. I'll take these into consideration if I ever want to change up my blog design.

  3. I love these tips! I kind of just threw together my last design and stuck a background in, but once I learn a bit more advanced HTML and CSS, I'll definitely put these tips into consideration.

    1. Thanks! I'm sure your design will be great!!


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