We Comment Award

Oakstar nominated me for the We Comment award. Thank you Oakstar! 

What do I do when I get this award?
Congratulations! Create a post about the award! Tell your readers about how to get this award and what to do when they get it! You can write anything about the award, and make sure to encourage your readers to comment on other people's blogs! Then choose a reader who really cares, who makes your day, who really appreciates what you write. Let them know and be sure to comment on their post about the award. You can put the picture on your sidebar too!

I give this award to Morningtime4 for putting thoughtful long comments on my blog and helping me out in the blogging world. She has a wonderful blog and is an extremely nice person.

Also, I would like to say thank you to Eve for designing the new blog design you see on this blog! Thank you so much Eve! She got back to me pretty fast and has done everything I have wanted! 


  1. I totally agree about Morning! I nearly nominated her as well! I also really like the new blog design! Way to go Eve!

  2. Finally got that 50 facts tag up, Jollygirl! Sorry for the wait but it was one of the most fun tags I've ever done :)

  3. Awesome award! :) I really appreciate my commenters. I know how busy things can get, especially if you follow 100+ blogs liked I do, so it's nice when people take the time to comment.


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