Theater Production, Thanks

First of all, I would like to say thank you to Eve. Thank you for designing this blog so beautifully! You and other designers like Morningtime4 have inspired me to start learning some html and you can view my first design on Words of a Writer , here or here or here. I'm still going to add some things to it (like a top button) but it is almost finished. So, anyway I'm going to continue to learn html!

So, every year the students in the grade I'm in now, have a play. I've always enjoyed watching these hour long plays and admired the people who put so much hard work into them. These plays are optional and I was a bit unsure about signing up but I ended up doing so. But, instead of choosing to be in the production of Peter Pan (that is the play this year but it will be the broadway version/ the disney movie) I have decided to work in behind the scenes. As a behind the scenes person, I get to paint the scenery and do other things according to what jobs we get. Job selections are based on how responsible you are.

Yesterday was the second day of behind the scenes but we haven't started on any art yet because first, we need to hear the play and the music (which we will do next week when the roles for the cast are picked. Note: Everyone who joins the theater production will get a role but most people will be in the ensemble and the very talented people will be main characters) and we need to plan.

Any way, I'm really excited to start designing the stage with two of my friends!(my other friends all decided to be in the cast and I'm wishing them luck for the roles they want) Bye!


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