I'm happy!

   Hi! Yes, I know the title is a little weird but...... So any way, as you guys probably know (from the title) I'm happy! Also, I've kind of gotten tired of the song "Happy" but it describes my emotions so.......

Reasons why I'm happy
1. Click on each of the pages on my blog and you might notice the first reason why I'm happy. You know that button on your blogger dashboard that says pages? Well, I only found it now. I really should have found it before but I guess I didn't. Anyways, so before I created  different blogs (and they looked very different) and linked them together to make pages. I'm really happy with how my pages look after using that section on your dashboard called pages. The only bad thing is that now I have 3 random blogs (writing, reviews, extras) that I'm not going to use anymore and I don't know how to delete them.
2. I've gotten another follower!
3. I finished making the buttons for the winners of the writing contest (winners will be chosen and revealed on the 16nth)
4. I've gotten lots of entries (7 entries) for the writing contest

So those are 4 reasons why I'm happy! But, the reason that has made me super happy is that......
I'm going to California in a week and a half to make 35 more friends!!!!! I will be seeing Oakstar there and I can't wait to meet her and the other girls! 

That is it for today! Bye!!!


  1. I'm so happy for you! Oh, to remove a blog, click on the blog title in the dashboard of the blog you want to delete, then go to Setyings > Other > Blog Tools and under that should be an option that says delete blog. Then you have ninety days to either revive the blog or wait until it's gone. If you don't want to delete blogs, then just place them on private (go to Settings and then on that first page of Settings, at the bottom of it, are blog options whether you want it public or private).

    Do you think you'll be posting at the Summit? Probably not, but that's good, I guess. It's important to have fun and take what you can from those things. I also can't wait to read the DG issues from the magazine! I may not be on the site anymore commenting, but I still read it. And finally, do you have those questions answered that I sent sometime ago? If not, that's okay. Take all of the time you need!

    Say hi to Oakstar and everyone at the Summit for me!
    xoxo Morning

    1. Thanks for telling me how to delete blogs! I won't be be posting at the summit by I will definitely be posting after it. I have a few of those questions answered. I will try to send them as soon as possible.

  2. I'm so happy too, for, well, I guess you know! Thank you for tagging to my blog, that was really nice of you. Oh, and I'm glad that you got a lot of entries. I'm excited for the big reveal!

  3. I'm happy for you, as well! Congrats on the new follower. I hope you have an amazing time in California! That sounds so fun. You'll have to blog all about it when you get back!

    1. Thank you! I will definitely blog about my trip when I get back!

  4. Congratulations on all that:)


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