Hey Guys!

Hey guys! Today I'm just doing a quick update. Just two days ago I came back from the summit of Discovery Girls magazine! I'm so excited that I got to participate at the summit and that I will soon be in the magazine. I met so many wonderful girls and one of these girls is actually in the blogging community and is an amazing writer of stories (do you guys know who I'm talking about?). I will post pictures on California later when I have more time but I will of course have to make the people in pictures really really fuzzy (for safety and stuff like that). Any way, it was an amazing trip to California.

 Also, June made a Stop Bullying Button (I put it on my sidebar) and I encourage you to do the same!

Bye!! I know this is a short post. I will do some longer summer related ones later probably that include pictures. Also, I know this is published today but it was actually written a few days ago so....

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