Story ideas

  Hi!! I have a two different story ideas and both of them are below.
1. Alex is expected to go to Harvard or Yale for college. After all, she is the school nerd. However, she has a hidden passion for music and wants to go to an arts college instead. Meanwhile, Shawn the sports fanatic is expected to get a sports scholarship. But, he doesn't get one. He now doesn't know what to do with his life. The only way for him to go to college was to get a sports scholarship or get really good grades- and he doesn't have either. When Alex starts tutoring Shawn they help each other figure out who they are and determine what they want to do with life.
2. A pregnant woman hears rumors about a magic machine that gives anybody special powers to be kind and smart and basically perfect. She sets out to find this machine wanting her daughter to be everything that she wasn't. She does find the machine but has to steal money to be able to afford the price. This story would be about the pregnant women's daughter finding out that she is perfect only because a machine made her so and that a machine made her personality. The girl then tries to find a way to reverse the things that the machine did to her.

Which story idea do you guys thing I should use first??


  1. Hmmm.... I'd love to hear the first idea first, but the second one is great, too! It's so hard to choose...

    xoxo Morning


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