I've been tagged!

       Hi everyone! I've been tagged by "Morningtime4". The tag's name is this and that. It was started by "Eve of Womanhood" The rules are that I have to answer a few questions and then tag three people that will also have to answer these questions. I will decide on who these three people in the next post. Now I say, "On with the questions!"

1. Summer or winter?
A: I love winter. Summer is too hot and gives me headaches. Winter is really beautiful and I love seeing snow covering the ground.
2. Blue or pink?
A: Blue!
3. Frozen or Brave?
A: I love them both but I really like the songs in Frozen so my answer would have to be........(drum roll) Frozen!
4. Art or reading?
A: Reading
5. Christmas or birthday?
A: Christmas! While the birthday spirit only lasts for a day, the Christmas spirit lasts for a month!
6. Flip Flops or Boots?
A: Boots but only if they are ankle high(When I wear tall boots I can't walk)
7. Roses or daises?
A: Roses
8. Cat or Dog?
A: Dog. A cat once jumped on me and tried to claw me. A dog won't do that to you.
9.  Vanilla or Chocolate?
A: Vanilla. Chocolate makes me nauseous.
10. Europe or Asia?
A: I can't choose. They are both great places.
11. Raspberries or Blackberries?
A: Raspberries
12. Vintage or Modern?
A: This is a hard one. I guess I'll choose modern
13. Pasta or soup?
A: Pasta!
14. Elephant or lion?
A: Elephant
15. Long hair or short hair?
A: Short hair. It is easier to manage.'
16. Beach or water park?
A: Beach

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