2016 Recap

Wow, 2016 is over already. 

2016 is being viewed as a terrible year by so many people, and while I do agree that I wasn't a huge fan of some of the things that happened this year, I think 2016 was still a pretty good year. So many things have happened in 2016, and I think that we're focusing on the negatives things that happened instead of the positive ones. What I'm basically trying to say is that even though 2016 had its downs, it also had so many ups, and I personally had a good year. 

So, on to the recap:

Bookish Things

number of books read: I read 159 books this year. However, I'll probably finish off another book today, making the number of books I read 160. 

shortest book: The shortest book I read this year wasn't even a book, it was actually a short story called "The Crown and the Arrow" by Renne Ahdieh. It's 9 pages long.

longest book: Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix (870 pages long)

number of pages read: 62,699 pages 

average page length of books: 394 pages

average rating for 2016: 4.1 stars out of five

Favorite Books of the Year

Wow, it was really hard to pick out my favorites of the year, but these books are what I came up with. There are other books that I read this year that I loved as much as I loved the books that I'm displaying here as my favorites, but since I didn't want this section to be too long, I'm only showing four of them. 

Under Appreciated Books


These are some books that not many people seem to know about. I read all three of these books this year and really liked all of them and I think that more people should read them. 


These are some books that I went into with high expectations, but ended up disappointed. 

Overall this year, I read a lot of amazing books!


Counting this one, I only published 19 posts this year, which is definitely not a lot. Next year I'll try to publish more posts. 

I love the blogging community, and I love writing posts. And though I wasn't very active on my blog this year, I still had a lot of fun reading other's blog posts, writing posts, interacting with bloggers, etc. 


-As I think about what I've done this year, I'm realizing that I went on a lot of fun vacations this year! 
  •  I went to Orlando to visit "Diagon Alley" and "Hogsmeade" which was really fun, especially because my family loves Harry Potter!
  • I went to Hawaii and wrote a blog post about it
  • I went to Niagara falls (and it was beautiful)
  • I went to Montreal (which was really interesting and fun)
  • I went to Washington D.C (which is great because it's such a pretty area and there are so many interesting museums and monuments)
-We moved!
-I bought a lot of books
-I basically lazed around the house most of summer, reading books and watching TV
-New bookshelves!!
-Appreciating the genius that is Lin Manuel Miranda and listening to the Hamilton soundtrack over and over again (and also reading the book)            
-Attempting to watch Lost
-I listened to:
  • TWENTY ØNE PILØTS (Tyler and Josh have amazing personalities, and also write really amazing lyrics)
  • Panic! at the Disco (Brendon's vocal range is amazing and I love his album, "Death of a Bachelor." However, I do prefer the albums that were made when the entire band was still together. I just love the long song titles in their first album and their confusing but beautiful lyrics. And I feel like "Pretty. Odd." is such an under appreciated album and I think it deserves so much more recognition. Also, all of Ryan Ross's lyrics that he wrote in "Pretty. Odd" are amazing.)
  • My Chemical Romance (I only just started listening to MCR, but from what I've heard so far, I really like their music.)
  • And a bunch of other artists


  2. Write more.
  3. Try not to stress out over things that don't need to be worried about. 

Anyway, I guess that's it! I hope that you've had a good year, and that 2017 is a great year for you! 


  1. Wow, congrats on the book stats! Sorry you didn't enjoy Illuminae, though :( I've heard so many brilliant things about it, but it's definitely interesting to get your opinion.
    Hope you get to accomplish those goals, and I look forward to many more posts from you :)
    Have a wonderful 2017 and thanks for being an awesome blogging friend. I'm still so glad I discovered your blog :) <3

    1. Thanks! I think Illuminae was a really creative book but the format of it bothered me.
      Thank you, that means a lot, you're an great blogging friend, too! Have an amazing 2017!

  2. It sounds like you had a great year, I'm glad you have so many positive things to look back on. :)
    May 2017 be just a wonderful for you, Happy New Year's Eve!

    - Jo

    1. Thank you! I hope you have a wonderful 2017!

  3. I am so glad that you a nice year! Congratulations on all those books you read.
    Though you may not publish many posts, the posts you do publish are always so thoughtful and well written that they are worth the wait. However, I am excited to see more posts! Happy New Year!

    1. Thank you, that means a lot!
      Have a great 2017!

  4. Whoa, you've read a TON of books. O.O And you've traveled a lot, as well! I think I'm going to join you in your resolution of writing more blog posts-- I've fallen behind. xD

    xoxo Morning

    P.S. I published the yearbook in my recent post-- you should check it out!

    1. I did travel a lot, and read a lot :-)
      I saw the yearbook a few days ago, it was amazing! Thank you so much for putting it together!

  5. Glad 2016 was a good year for you! I'm so jealous you got to read so many books - and all those places you travelled. Sounds like your creating some great memories! All the best for 2017!

    1. Thank you! I hope that you have a great 2017!

  6. 159 books? Wow, that is an incredible amount. I'm impressed. Sadly, I only read about 18 books in 2016. Working on reading a lot more lately.

    1. Thanks!
      It can be hard to read a lot of books, especially as we get older and busier..I'm sure that in a few years I won't be able to read nearly as many books.

      Have a great 2017!

  7. Umm, YES to "Try not to stress out over things that don't need to be worried about"
    yes yes yes.
    Just found your blog and I love!
    elissa // letters-to-jayna.blogspot.com

    1. Yes, I stress out for silly things all the time, and it's something that I thought I needed to work on :-)
      Thank you!


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