A Jumble of Recent Thoughts

Hi, so this post is a little different from what I'd usually do, but it's basically a combination of different thoughts that I've been having recently. Some of the thoughts are a bit random, but they are what has been on mind lately. So, on with it!!

-What's up with all the gum under the desks at school? I asked these same questions last year, and I still don't have answers. Like seriously, how hard is it to take a little extra time to spit out your gum in a piece of paper or a tissue and then put it in the trash can? #themysteriesoflife

-And, what's the whole deal with people thinking an age difference of a year is a big deal?!? Just because someone is younger than you, that doesn't give you the right to treat them like dirt.

-The Presidential Election is causing me to lose faith in humanity...I'm still dumbfounded over the fact that people are willing to support a Donald Trump, who is such an idiotic candidate. 

-And then we have Hilary Clinton, who claims that she didn't know that the "c" in emails meant classified, to explain why classified emails for work were on her private server......Seriously??

-Whenever I see someone reading a really amazing book, I always want to go up to them and start talking about what they're reading, but I never act on that feeling, mostly because I feel like it would be weird if I approached someone that I didn't really know and started randomly talking to them about books. The the last time this happened was when I saw someone reading Clockwork Angel.

-I don't get how some people can read books in series out of order and still enjoy them. One of my friends started reading Cinder by Marissa Meyer, got bored, then started reading Scarlet, got bored, and then started reading Cress, got bored, and then finally settled on Winter. I asked how she was understanding anything that happened in the book, as she didn't read most of the first three books in the series, and she said that though she didn't really completely understand what was happening, she still was enjoying it. The only time I've not really read books in the right order was when I read Lady Midnight before reading TMI and TIF. Anyway, I don't get how some people can just skip books and read them in the wrong order. 

-I hate it when I have to wait forever for the next book in the series. For a while, I thought that Lord of Shadows, the next book in the Dark Artifices series was coming out in early March, to only recently find out that the release date was extended to the end of May. Now, I'm left to ponder how I'm going to deal with the extra two months of wait.

Yes, how dare the publishers of The Dark Artifices extend the release date!

-On the subject of books, have you ever held a book that you really wanted to read at the library, and then started obsessively checking your email and library account to see if was available yet? Well that's what's happening to me with A Torch Against the Night and Empire of Storms. With A Torch Against the Night, I'm in the 14th position, and with Empire of Storms, I'm in the 48th position. 

-Have you ever noticed how teachers always say that there's no reason for you to be late to any of your classes because there's plenty of time to get from one class to another, but then once the bell rings they don't let you leave their class to go to their next one? Like sometimes, they make you stay in the class even during part of the transition so they can finish something or pass out some papers, and then they blame us for being late to our next class. I've actually never been late to any of my classes because most of them are pretty close by, but the whole teachers keeping students in the classroom even when class is over is a problem. 

-So, I went to Montreal recently, which was cool. Anyway, Montreal is very famous for it's poutine, which is basically French Fries with sauce and cheese curds. It's said to be really good and super addicting once you start eating it. My whole family tried poutine in Montreal. None of us really liked it that much, but I'm glad that I tried it out, and that I got to experience it. 

-I'm pretty much obsessed with the book, And I Darken, by Kiersten White. For whatever reason, I can't stop thinking about it. I even found my self using names of the characters in And I Darken in English in my grammar notes. It's normal for me to constantly think about a book for a few days after I've finished it, but not for an entire month. 

-Shadowhunter Academy is pretty amazing, I just love Simon. Plus, I before I read Shadowhunter Academy I felt pretty meh about Isabelle, but now I really like her. 

-I'm looking forward to Adam Silvera's new book, History is All You Left Me. If it's anything like More Happy than Not, I'm also prepared to be utterly destroyed by it. 

So, I hope you enjoyed that.
Thanks for reading,
Jollygirl :-)


  1. Wait whaaaaat? I was NOT aware about the date push back for LOS! *Sobs*

    - Edie

    1. :-(
      Yeah, the date pushback is pretty horrible..

  2. Gum under desks is horrible.

    As for the presidential election... the mini school community I'm in (it's like a group within a school that focuses on teaching things socratically is the best way to describe it) are raving on about the election. I don't go through a single class period without the mention of modern politics. Honestly, we're in for a rut-- no matter what happens during the election and it's outcome, the country will probably be shook up. I'm not as educated in politics so my viewpoint about the whole thing is skewed, in a sense, but I'm really trying to see everything on both sides and determine from there.

    The thing about teachers saying not being late to class: Defintely true. Here's the thing I've noticed about a lot in high school though-- when your younger, you're constantly worrying about not being there on time and getting to class two minutes after the bell rings on a seven minute passing period, but as you get older, it's more relaxed-- a lot of the upperclassmen will chill in the hallways until getting to class during thr last two minutes. It's weird.

    I understand the feeling of reloading your email for a hold notification-- I'm like that, but more so with my library volunteering application. >.<

    xoxo Morning

    1. Yes, it is horrible.

      Yes, politics has constantly been on everyone's mind lately, everyone is talking about it all the time. I agree with you, both our candidates this year are very notorious, so whatever happens at the end, the country will be shook up.

      Seven minute passing period? Right now, I only have four minutes, so maybe the time is extended in high school? Yes, it weird, I guess I'll just see how it plays out as I grow older.

      Thanks for reading, :-)

  3. This is so funny! I enjoyed reading this!
    We should have met up when you were in town, I had no idea!

    1. Thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed!
      We were only in Montreal for two days, (Old Montreal), so I'm not sure if we would have had time to meet up, but that would have been really fun!

  4. Okay I actually really, really enjoyed reading that and could relate to so many things!! This could be a long comment, but here goes:

    -About the election: IKR. I agree with you on that completely haha.
    -I agree as well about the seeing people reading good books, but I find that not only with books but with shows and movies as well. I had just finished a movie once and then saw someone else watching it and was like OMG. But I didn't want to interrupt them haha, so I didn't say anything.
    -And OMG yes I totally agree about the teachers and being late to class thing!!! Like five minutes isn't actually enough time if you let us out late. OH MY GOODNESS :(
    -And yeah I've had poutine before too, and it's alright, but I don't really get why people are obsessed haha. I don't hate it, but I don't love it.


  5. I LOVED THIS POST A LOT HONESTLY. And yesssss to not understanding how people read books out of order. Like why??? Why would you even do that? It's just not right. *howls* And wait. I didn't know the Dark Artifices was being pushed back. LET ME CRY. I need all the Clare. All the Clare and more the Clare. I mean, I guess publishing two massive tomes a year like Cassandra Clare does is probably really hard...but still. *continues howling*
    And ew to gum under desks. Like. Ew. There is really no logic for how lazy some people are, right?!

    I'm utterly obsessed with And I Darken too! I gave it 3-stars when I first read it and now it's basically 5-stars AND I'M THOROUGHLY OBSESSED AND CAN'T STOP THINKING ABOUT IT. <3 It's so ridiculously precious and stabby. :')


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