Wildfire Heart, Wayward Mind

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she had a wildfire heart                                          
and a wayward mind,
"a recipe for destruction, for sure."
said the old mailman.

her wildfire heart soared,
shooting spurts of fiery fire ,
leaving behind thick smoke
that everyone choked on, 
their throats convulsing.
"told you, destruction."
said the old mailman
and a few people murmured
in agreement

her wayward mind
made her something of an outcast,
a spectator looking in on her small hometown
as if she was watching a movie
rather than playing a part in the movie
and if she did indeed have a part
it was the odd character
that everyone always laughed at,
the dispensable character 
"honestly, I feel kind of sorry for her,
but like I told all of you, destruction"
said the old mailman.

everyone distanced themselves from her,
afraid of her wildfire heart
that burned as brightly 
as all the twinkling stars in the night sky,
her wayward mind that 
ostracized her,
deeming her rejected.
"nothing good can ever come out of a wildfire heart
and a wayward brain"
the old mailman said.

"i want to be more"
the girl with the wildfire heart
and wayward mind said,
"i want to be thought of as more.
more than an odd destructive girl."
so with her wildfire heart
she loved and loved and loved,
and her love unfurled out
all the way across the town
healing broken souls and relationships
with her wayward mind
she planted seeds and watched them grow
into ideas,
brilliant ideas
with her fiery wildfire heart and her odd wayward brain
she changed the world
"well," the old mailman admitted,
years later
"i was wrong, a wildfire heart and a wayward brain
are not the recipe for destruction,
they are the recipe for love, passion, and knowledge."


Hi, this is just something that I wrote, kind of like a story..I hope you enjoy..Also, in a few days I'm going to Hawaii on vacation and when I come back, I'll be sure to share pictures :-) 



  1. This is aaaamzing. I LOVE IT. Plus passionate people with wildfire hearts are the best, so I'm glad the mailman finally understood that. *nods*
    (AHHH HAWAII?!?? Have fun! Can't wait to see the photos. :D)

    Thanks for stopping by @ Paper Fury!

    1. Thank you!! Yes, passionate people are the BEST!!
      I got back from Hawaii a few days ago, and really enjoyed it, I'll be sharing photos soon.

  2. This is beautiful!!! Awesomeness. I love how you repeat "wildfire heart and a wayward brain" and the mailman and everything. Cool beans.

    Have a wonderful time in Hawaii! That sounds so fun. :D


    1. Thank you, SW!
      Yes, I got back from Hawaii a few days ago. I had so much fun!!

  3. This is beautiful! It's funny, I actually came had been listening to a discussion talking about examples of people who were viewed as societal pariahs who just spread love and we're finally accepted, and this came in good timing! I can't wait to see photos of Hawaii! Have fun, Jollygirl!

    xoxo Morning

    1. Thank you!
      On the subject of social pariahs, one person came to mind, Stargirl, from Jerry Spinelli's books. While I don't necessarily love the book or character Stargirl, she really is a good example of one who spreads a lot of love and is passionate.

      Thanks! I'll be posting the photos soon!

  4. This story was so beautiful. I loved it. <333 Oooo! Have fun in Hawaii, Jollygirl!!


  5. Amazing. *waits for the book*
    Ugh I really want to follow you...But for some annoying reason it says I am unable to. AHH!

    ~ Rukiya

    1. Thank you!!
      Yeah, I don't really know what is exactly up with my follower gadget. I really suggest bloglovin, I follow blogs on there and it's a really cool sight.


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