The Quiet People

You see them,
laughing, making everyone laugh along
talking, with an ensemble of witty comebacks
slung over their backs.
walking, with buckets of confidence
slathered over their bodies,
the shining stars in a bland black sky,
noticed and admired by every beholder
including us,
the ones who are so different 
from them,
the quiet people,
who laugh silently to ourselves,
who often listen to and observe 
the peculiarities and ordinaries 
in life,
rather than talking,
who walk quickly and quietly,
eyes flitting this way and that,
we, the quiet people,
who blend into the black sky
in almost transparent wisps,
but we don't mind,
we, the quiet people don't care,
because we ourselves
know just how powerful we are,
and knowing that,
is enough for us.