Photography: Books

Hey guys!
This morning I decided to do a little experimenting with photography, and I decided I wanted to take pictures of books. I haven't done that much photography in the past, so of course they are not the greatest photographs, but I still did want to share them.

“Did you see any rice in there? Maybe we could fill Cinder's head with it."

Everyone stared at him.

"You know, to...absorb the moisture, or something. Isn't that a thing?"

"We're not putting rice in my head.”  
- Winter by Marissa Meyer

“One should never save cake for later when it can be eaten now.” 
- Winter by Marissa Meyer

“Thorne scoffed. “Careful is my middle name. Right after Suave and Daring.”
“Do you even know what you're saying half the time?” asked Cinder.” 
- Winter by Marissa Meyer

“Libraries were full of ideas–perhaps the most dangerous and powerful of all weapons.” 
- Throne of Glass by Sarah J. Mass

“Of course." He picked up the brown bag of candy on the table. "What's your . . ." He trailed off as he weighed the bag in his hands. "Didn't I give you three pounds of candy?"
She smiled impishly.
"You ate half the bag!"
"Was I supposed to save it?"
"I would have liked some!"
"You never told me that."
"Because I didn't expect you to consume all of it before breakfast!"
She snatched the bag from him and put it on the table. "Well, that just shows poor judgement on your part, doesn't it?” 
- Throne of Glass by Sarah J. Maas

“Do you know how far the wall is from the mines?" He gave her blank look. She closed her eyes and sighed dramatically. "From my shaft, it was three hundred sixty-three feet. I had someone measure."

"So?" Dorian repeated.

"Captain Westfall, how far do slaves make it from the mines when they try to escape?"

"Three feet," he muttered. "Endovier sentries usually shoot a man down before he's moved three feet."

The Crown Prince's silence was not her desired effect. "You knew it was suicide," he said at last, the amusement gone. 

Perhaps it had been a bad idea to bring up the wall. 


"I never intended to escape.” 
- Throne of Glass by Sarah J. Maas

"Nothing causes as much trouble as it cures"
- Tales of Beedle The Bard by J.K Rowling

“Come here, baby sister," she whispered, and despite the terror twisting inside Levana's stomach, her feet obeyed. "I want to show you something.” 
- Fairest by Marissa Meyer

“Why is it always a prince?” asked Winter. “Why isn’t she ever saved by a top-secret spy? Or a soldier? Or a … a poor farm boy, even?”
“I don’t know. That’s just how the story was written.” Evret brushed back a curl of Winter’s hair. “If you don’t like it, we’ll make up a different story tomorrow night. You can have whoever you want rescue the princess.”
“Like a doctor?”
“A doctor? Well—sure. Why not?”
“Jacin said he wants to grow up to be a doctor.”
“Ah. Well, that’s a very good job, one that saves more than just princesses.”
“Maybe the princess can save herself.”
“That sounds like a pretty good story too.” 
- Fairest by Marissa Meyer

“Life is where you sleep and what you see when you wake up in the morning, and who you tell about your weird dream, and what you eat for breakfast and who you eat it with. Life isn’t something that happens to you. It’s something you make yourself, all the time.” 
- Goodbye Stranger by Rebecca Stead

“I guess my question is: Is the new you the stranger? Or is the stranger the person you leave behind?" 
- Goodbye Stranger by Rebecca Stead

I hope you enjoyed the pictures! Which one was your favorite? Also, all of the books I photographed are really great books, and I would recommend that you read them. 

Have a good day! Bye! 


  1. Great pictures! I have just finished Winter, and I absolutely loved it! The Lunar Chronicles books are amazing. <3

    1. Thank you!
      Yes, I've read the entire Lunar Chronicles, including Fairest, and they are all absolutely amazing, and a delight to read.

  2. I love all of the quotes you chose; I ESPECIALLY love Goodbye Stranger! Rebecca Stead's writing style is super calming and down-to-earth.

    xoxo Morning

    1. Thank you!
      I like Rebecca Stead's writing style too, especially in this particular book.

  3. Cool photos! I am definitely going to have to look into those books! xx Brittany- www.hellobubblegum.com

    1. Thanks! You should definitely check those books out!

  4. Wow, I love how you paired the pictures of the books with the quotes! Lovely as always.

  5. Omg I LOVED THESE QUOTES. Basically everything that comes out of Thorne's mouth is perfection. <3 And good job on starting with bookphotography!! It's sooo fun and addictive. hehe. ;) Are you going to join up to instagram to post these?! :)

    Thanks for stopping by @ Paper Fury!


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