Little Memories

Looking through photos from the past,
photos that I didn't know existed.
Tattered pieces of memories flooding 
into my head,
but I can only remember some of it,
as if each of my memories 
were a puzzle
with several pieces missing.

The things I can remember, 
are odd,
they're the little things,
the crisp smell of the early winter,
the softness of my worn pink jacket,
the long log that I used as a balance beam,
sitting quietly with my family,
a tub of fries that were perfectly spiced,
the feeling of excitement,
and I just wonder,
after all this time,
why do I remember those small things?

Those things,
moments that I didn't think were important
when they happened
are the things I remember
the building blocks of who I am today.
And I've realized,
that it isn't the huge things that effect our life greatly,
its the little memories,
that build on top of one another,
that's what makes us who we are,
they're the things we'll remember for ever. 


  1. Loving this poem Jollygirl! xx

    Shine on,

  2. Memories are absolutely beautiful and I feel the same way about photos. I'm just so happy that I'm a hoarder, because yesterday I rediscovered all the issues of the family newspaper I wrote years ago. And now I am able to relive what I used to think was important every month.

    The Life of Little Me

    1. I love looking at old photos!

  3. You have a way with words. This poem made me tear up a bit. You bring the feeling of melancholy with this piece.

    1. Thank you :-)
      That means a lot to me.

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