Change: It Comes With Good and Bad Things

Change. It's a word that we experience throughout our entire lives. Everything is constantly changing. Think about it. Our friends, our personalities, our surroundings, our experiences, they are all things that change as time goes on. 

Change can be a scary word. It can be a happy word. It can be a sad word, too. It can be a whirlpool of emotions all at once. There are multiple ways that change can make you feel, depending on the situation. In my case, change made me feel scared. It made me feel worried.

I still feel a bit scared and worried, even now. I'm still exploring the large change that I'm experiencing, and figuring everything out. There are things that I don't like about this change, but there are plenty of great things, as well. And, I'm excited to experience all of them. 

That's the thing with change- it comes with good and bad things. You just have to accept those bad things. You have to take a deep breath, and say to yourself, "I can do this. I'm strong enough to deal with all the bad that will come, and I'll enjoy all the good." Because you are strong enough to deal with any change that comes. The proof of that is that you've dealt with change already throughout your life. For example, when you were learning to walk, or when you started Kindergarten, or when you moved to another house. All of those times, you dealt with change. You got through all the hard things about your change, and you enjoyed all the good things. 

So, what I'm basically trying to say is, you can get through change. It may seem scary, but at the end you'll be fine. 

Have a nice day,


Interview with Noor

Here's an interview from Noor who blogs at A Little Bit of Sunshine. Thank you Noor for taking time to answer the following questions. 

1. Tell a little bit about yourself (Name, age, hobbies, blog name, etc.)

 I'm Noor! Hai! I'm from A Little Bit of Sunshine! I like fangirling, reading, blogging, writing (horribly), dancing awkwardly (it's usually just arm flailing)

2. Who are your role models in your life?

Hmm...Fall Out Boy because their music is my inspiration. Mia Hamm because she's my soccer inspiration. JK Rowling and Rick Riordan because they got me into reading hardcore. And Morning because she inspired me to keep my blog going :)

3. What kind of music do like to listen to?

EMO SCREAMO HARDCORE WOOO. Nah just kidding. I really love Fall Out Boy! I'm also a pretty big Paramore and Melanie Martinez fan!

4. What are some things that you fangirl about?

Harry Potter, Doctor Who, bandsss, band members, Youtubers, books!

5. Why do you blog?

To connect with other people, share my ideas with the world, and I try to aim to help people and make them smile!

6. What is the most challenging part of blogging for you?

Posting regularly, it's been a challenge this summer, I'm just so busy :(

7. I know you are a Potterhead, so I just have to ask: Who is you favorite character in Harry Potter? Least favorite? Why? 

Draco Malfoy and Hermione Granger. I feel like Draco is just so misunderstood and that he was like born into an evil family and that he was good, deep down, so therefore I love him. Hermione because I can just relate to her so much! I don't really have a least favorite besides the obvious Umbridge and Voldemort.

Thank you Noor for the answers! I enjoyed reading them!
Have a nice day, everyone! Bye!


Mysterious Thoughts #001: Simply Part of a Child's Imagination

What if the universe
was a 
The earth,
a small room
tucked in the corner. 
Little girls and little boys
walking the dolls 
that live in the house
positioning their 
making them speak,
controlling their actions,
what they do,
what they know.,
Tossing dolls away,
when bored of them,
into the waste,
where they will slowly 
The little girls and boys go on
twisting and winding
the fate
of the small dolls,
enjoying their little game.
And, everything inside 
the doll house,
all the people, 
their personalities,
the world that they know,
all of it
is just simply
 a part 
of a child's imagination.
What if?



A Little Post to Celebrate Little Things

My one year old cousin pointed towards my foot.
"Socks! Socks!" he cried.
My mother, who was folding laundry handed me a pair of socks to put away in the cupboard. Again he cried, "Socks! Socks!", a humongous smile evident on his face. 
"And what color is the sock?" I asked, pointing to the blue stripe on it,
"Geen," he said, thrusting the sock out of my hand, and pointing to his feet. I gently lifted one foot up, sliding the oversized sock on, and then the other. He laughed and laughed, nose scrunched up, then plucked the two socks off and proceeded to laugh some more. 

Small children seem to always notice the little things. They notice small things, like socks, and amuse them self with that small thing. 
There are so many things in life that we overlook, that could give us happiness if we let them.
Life is much more enjoyable if we treasure the little things in our life, that we take for granted. The little things around us in nature, the little things that other people do for us, and the little things that we can do for other people.

Some of the little things that I treasure:
The fluffiness of the grass after it has just been cut
The smell of freshly baked cookies
The sounds the birds make in the morning
When someone cooks something incredibly delicious for you

What are some of the little things you treasure?

I hope that you enjoyed! Have a nice day!