Past Journal Entries

Hello! I know it's been a while since I've posted. I'm really sorry about that. I've been really busy, and I had an overnight field trip this week. I'll be posting about that soon, after I get my pictures uploaded to the computer.

Anyway, today I've decided to type up some snippets of old journal entries from years ago! Looking through my journal entries from the past, I've decided that really...odd things have happened to me when I was younger! So, lets get on with it!

First Entry: (From a few years ago. All names have been changed.)

A few days ago, something really weird happened to me! In Mr. Robertson's class, I traveled to the closet to get some calculators. But, I couldn't find them. Then, David rolled into the room on a wheely chair. I'm wasn't sure if his purpose of coming was to help me or not. Then, Zach ran into the closet, too!

I suddenly heard the door slam. Leonard and Sid were holding the door closed, so Zach, David, and I were trapped in a closet together. Then, David started yelling out of a small window on the door. "Smith, get Mr. Robertson!" 

Finally, we were able to get out, when the teacher came. The boys didn't get in trouble, because Mr.Robertson doesn't usually make a big deal out of things. 

Yes, I actually remember the above memory. It was a long time ago, but so hilarious that I got caught in the "closet jail". 

Second  Entry: (This one is from a really long time ago. The whole concept of what happened on this day was horribly absurd, but nevertheless, I'll share it anyway. Also, all names are changed.)

At recess, Jessica, Mary, and Keisha were spying on what a group of people were saying, so they could hear more about a stupid ghost game that was secret. We were actually part of it too, a few weeks ago, but quit because we didn't believe in ghosts. So, I thought that we shouldn't spy on them. But, before I could tell Jessica, Mary, and Keisha, they were caught. But, Jane, the leader of the ghost game, thought I was spying too! She yelled at us for a little while about how she was going to make us miserable and that we better not tell about the game. 

Back in first grade, when this was written, I thought that Jane was actually going to make our lives miserable. Now I know of course, that something like that would never happen (at least in first grade :-)). 

Third Entry: (Around start of third grade. Names have been changed.)

There is this girl in band, who plays flute, like me, and we have to share a stand. She pushes the stand towards herself, so that I can't see the notes! She even puts her stuffed animal pencil box on the stand in front of the sheet music, to block it from my sight. She says it doesn't matter, because she has memorized it. Well guess what!-I have not, Lila (Lila is her name)! I call her the big egg shell, because a shell is empty and so her is her brain! 

I did not like Lila at all when I was younger. Now, though, she is one of my closest friends! Surprising, right? That just proves that enemies can become really good friends! 

I hope you enjoyed this post. Look out for my life post about my field trip this week! It will be coming soon! Toodles!


  1. :) It's really interesting looking through memories of the past.

  2. I loved the part when you wrote, "I call her the big egg shell, because a shell is empty and so her is her brain!" You're thoughts seem so advanced at such a young age!

  3. Haha! Hilarious post... Reminds me of my old diaries. *shudders*


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