Harry Potter Videos and GIFs

Hello readers! This post is going to be a random video/image post(all are related to Harry Potter). It's not something I do often, but I hope you'll enjoy watching and looking at these:-)

Ok, so the video above is called: The Greater Good. True Harry Potter fans should understand this. It's a pretty long 17 minute clip but it's really good. Even if you aren't a Harry Potter fan, this video is really fun to watch, as it's packed with action. In my vision, it wasn't supposed to be this dramatic..but I guess it is.

This video is called: Do You Want to Build a Horcrux? I'm not going to say anymore than that, just watch it...it's hilarious

Now for some Gifs:

I love Ron, but I can't help admitting that he is kind of stupid sometimes and he deserved that hit! 

The moment where they all scream in unison for the first time. 


Ok, this one is kind of funny!


Here's a dramatic one. 


Lol! Just lol! This is my favorite one out of all of these!

This line is so true for Voldemort! The other parts of the song("Just the Way You Are") not so much.


I just had to share a Dobby one.

I hope you enjoyed the GIFS and videos! 


  1. I loved the GIFs! The fan video was really well done. The actors were actually pretty good.

    1. Yes, it was very well done!

  2. That GIF of Malfoy is funny. ^.^ And Bruno Mars and Voldemort, gosh. >.<

    xoxo Morning


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