A Poem: Let it Bloom

On the outside,
seeming small,
walking unnoticed,
every direction I go,
perceived as useless
just by what they see.

On the inside,
I'm large,
 a big heart,
a big brain,
with words to say,
things to do. 

Some, they see the
blossom inside me,
they know that 
I'm worthy of including,
but others
are fooled easily. 

I've decided 
to let
my blossom bloom. 

Don't be fooled by the outside of someone. They may have lot's to say. There's magic in everybody. But sometimes, they don't think it's there and hence don't let it out. And, don't ever think you're useless. I'm telling this to everybody, and you can trust me to tell you the truth. Because, everyone is useful, magical, and brings something to the world every day. Everyone has words to say and great ideas. Everyone does, especially when you least expect it! Everyone has a blossom inside them. Let it bloom!

PS. One of my New Years Resolutions was to blog more. Today is the eighth, and the last post I wrote was on the 30th so so far, that hasn't worked out. I'm just very busy and I'm trying to find opportunities when I can post, So, hopefully I'll be posting more, but that might only be once or twice a week. 


  1. Happy New Year ^^ (belatedly)
    Hope you manage to stick to your blogging resolution ^^

    1. Thank you! Happy belated New Year!

  2. Great poem! I don't care how much you post, they're always fantastic! I will also have your guestpost in tomorrow, sorry about the delay!


  3. This is lovely and a great little motivational poem for the new year. It's not about how much you post. It's about how much you like writing what you post, and what's actually in the post.

    The Life of Little Me

    1. Thank you M! And, I agree with the comment you made regarding posts, but I do really love to blog so I want to do it more.

  4. Good poem. I have nominated you for the Liebester awards.
    Emily ♥

  5. This is such a lovely poem!

  6. This is lovely poem, Jollygirl! Hope your blog resolution goes on well!

    xoxo Morning

    1. Thanks! And, I hope your resolutions go well too!

  7. I love the poem! And I agree-let your blossom bloom!

  8. Love the poem! :) And the blog!! You're a fantastic writer!

    Amelie- www.ameliebarham.com / ameliebarhamwrites.blogspot.com


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