1. Flowers are very interesting. In the spring, they bloom, and in the winter they fall down. But, at the time, when the next spring comes, they bloom back again. They bloom again, knowing that they will probably fall down. But, they also know, that they'll bloom again. We can too. We can rise after we fall down. Rising, stronger, more powerful, from our experiences. Knowing, we'll probably fall down again, but we will get up. Be courageous. Be strong, You can rise from bad experiences.

2. Flowers are bright and colorful. And, there are so many different types. Each beautiful in it's own way. Like that, all humans are beautiful in their own way.


3. Flowers make the earth...better. They add wonderful scents, and marvelous beauty. If you believe in yourself you can sprinkle your glitter across the world.

4. All flowers need a little rain to grow. We, humans, need bad experiences to help us grow as a person. And, our life would be too bland with only happiness, Remember, flowers also need sunshine to grow. Embrace those happy memories!

Learn something from the flowers! Bye! 


  1. Nature can teach us a lot of things but we don't seem to take the time to realize this. This post is a perfect example of how you can learn so many lessons from the world around you when you pay careful attention. Flowers seem to have a lot of things to teach, maybe we should listen. Awesome post, I had never really thought of flowers that way.

    1. Thank you! Nature can teach you many things!

  2. Beautiful, true thoughts :)

  3. These are beautiful thoughts, very good post x


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