A Needed Life Update and A Survey

JLately, everybody's been getting sick. There's coughs and sneezes echoing all over the room, people grasping the last tissues in the box. Five people were absent in my class yesterday, and in some classes, over half is missing! Of course, one of our absences was due to someone in our class, who had moved across the country without telling us! Well, he did actually tell some of his very close friends(and what proves that they were good friends of his is that everybody who didn't wasn't told was surprised) but many didn't know. That person, suddenly didn't show up in school around two days ago, and we were given the news that he moved. I wasn't friends with him, but I did talk to him, and it was sad news for our whole class. If, only he told us, we could have at least said goodbye.

Today, I am also absent from school because of sickness. I don't do anything very worthwhile on these sick days, Just computer and TV. I have a long pile of books awaiting me, but reading takes up a lot of my energy and I just don't like to when I'm sick. I should also finish my math stuff(it's unnecessary to catch up on other stuff because I've already finished). In math, I have about two and a half days to complete(I'm in SSA for math so I'm have an online course with an online teacher. Basically right now, I'm in fifth grade math but at math time, I'm instead completing 6+ math). I actually just took a math test yesterday, about inequalities. I also took a retake of my unit 6 test(algebra) a few days ago, because I got an 89% which is a b on it. In SSA math, we're allowed one retake just because it is sometimes hard to learn with an online teacher. 89% is not a bad score, but I wanted to raise my average for this quarter to an A. Right now, my average is 91% which is a B. And since last quarter I got an A, I would really like to do the same this quarter. If you would like to see my grading system, look below. 

93-100 = A
84-92 = B
76-83 = C
70-76 = D
Below 70 = F

Tomorrow, is Friday, the last day before Christmas break!! I just gave my teachers cards with gift cards in them yesterday. Tomorrow, we have D.A.R.E  graduation, If you don't know what D.A.R.E is, click here. Anyway, my grade has completed D.A.R.E and we wrote an essay on it and anyway, the graduation is tomorrow. Tomorrow, we also hear the orchestra and band perform music, I always enjoying hearing it. I missed the one before Christmas last year, but there is one concert at the end of the year, too.

I know our whole grade and all of you readers out there, are very excited for the holidays. Hopefully, soon I'll be able to post this tutorial for making nice Christmas packaging(or any kind of packaging) to keep stuff in or use as present holders. Look out for that!!

And, also, I would absolutely love it if you took the survey linked below. I had another one a while ago, and it really helped. 


  1. Below 70 F!!
    That is wrong :O

    Neal Kind
    Daily Diaries

    1. I find that grading system unfair, but that's the one we go by.I copied it off of the website... :-(


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