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Hi! Yesterday I saw a beautiful moon! Below is a short poem type thing about it. It is not that good but it describes what I saw. 

The Moon
its about to come out
ready for the showcase
The gleaming audience looks 
to the darkness
The spotlight turns on
the moon comes out
the audience claps
while the moon smiles in joy
sharing his brightness with everyone
Not caring about the blemishes 
he has
or that most 
are looking towards the favored that twinkle in the sky
gloating about their talents
because he knows that some are watching
and they like it.
Dark clouds drift to
the center of the sky
shadowing the moon
the spotlight is broken
the show has ended.

Also read this poem that I recited for a first birthday of somebody my family knows.:

She wiggles her tiny toes
She waves her fragile hands
She blinks her bright innocent eyes
And smiles an all knowing smile
the one,
the little one,
the apple of her parents’ eyes
the one that can give life to an empty soul
the sugar to a bitter life
lighting up the world every day:
the reason for countless smiles.

Also, please enjoy the edited pictures below. I took a flower from the samples pictures in my computer and then edited it (so I didn't take the picture but I did edit it)

The original picture before I edited it:

Have a good day! Bye!!!


  1. Ooh, lovely edits! I really liked the poems, too. I think my favorite line was "the sugar to a bitter life". Great metaphor!

  2. I was touched by the poems! I thought the moon one has so many meanings in it. I also liked the pictures.

    1. Thank you! I agree: the moon has so many meanings!

  3. Nice edits, I really liked your poems, especially the one about the moon :)

    Cathy // HELLO, CATHY

  4. Great pics! I love the poems so much:)

  5. Well first of all, your edits are pretty darn amazing! You took something very basic, and gave it flavor.
    Also, your poetry is so sweet. I feel an innocence and happiness from your writing that is rare for me to find in poetry. You've done a beautiful job.
    I look forward to your next post!
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    1. Thank you! That is so nice of you to say! You have made my day!

  6. Hi Jollygirl! I just recently found your blog and from what I've read, it's super sweet! I love your poetry... I'm at a loss for words. I especially liked the one for your family friend's first birthday. I could totally picture it in my mind! Maybe it's because I have a little sister around that age to know the accuracy of the words, but all the same, I think it's very touching how you write. Absolutely beautiful! I look forward to more! ^-^
    -Morning Kay

    1. Thank you so much! It is so nice of you to say that!

  7. Hello there! Wow! What an awesome blog! You inspire me so much! And this post is oh so sweet.

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    1. Thank you! I'll definitely check out your blog! Maybe you could join mine?

  8. Beautiful poem!! Its just gorgeous....:)
    Followed you! Keep posting<3
    The Journeys' of my beating heart

    1. Thank you! And thanks for the follow!

  9. Your poems are amazing!! Keep 'em coming! :)

    1. Thanks! I love your blog! Thanks for the follow!


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