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Hi! Today the winners of the writing contest will be revealed! There will be a first place, a second place, and two honorable mentions! It was so hard to pick the winners. I even had to ask other people to help me pick and we argued over it a lot. Thank you to everyone that participated in this writing contest! It means a lot! And, I didn't think I would get so many entries! I really enjoyed reading all the entries! All of them were great! You can find links to all of the entries on the post about the writing contest. 

So the First Place Winner of this contest is.........

Elisabeth's Entry

softly we tread
softly we tread
on the stars of dreams
from deepest slumber

softly we tiptoe
the dreams are waking
leaking from the shadows

softly we tread
past the darkness
back into light

s  o  f  t  l  y

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Reflections of a Jollygirl

The Second Place Winner is.......

Chloee's Entry


That little box I keep.
Tucked in the closet.
Engraved with a tulip.
That you don't know of.
It holds all my hopes dreams and secrets.
The glittering gold that glows form the box.
Those are my dreams.
And that shining silver shooting from it.
Those are my hopes.
And that blue drifting out.
Those are my secrets.
But that black that seeps from the box.
Those are my fears.
It slowly slips out showing them what lays at the bottom.
Hidden beneath all my hopes dreams and secrets.
Laying at the bottom.
Hoping no one will find them.
The foul smell.
And it's the stuff nightmare's are made of.
It taunts and teases.
The silent screams come from the box at night.
And they whisper for me to turn the key.
That'll let them out to roam.

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Reflections of a Jolly Girl

Now, the honorable mentions!
1. Oakstar!
2. Eve!

Congrats! I loved all the entries! Thank you for entering! I'm really happy that 9 people entered! That proves that I have awesome followers!


  1. Thank you for the honourable mention Jollygirl!

    1. No problem! You absolutely deserved an honorable mention! Your entry was fantastic!

  2. Awesome! I really enjoyed the contest:)

    1. I'm glad you enjoyed! Your entry was great!

  3. congratulations elizabeth and chloe! :) love your writings<3
    xx. pris
    over the rainbow


    thank you thank you so much. i really am speechless because the rest of the entries were fantastic; i know what you mean when you said you had a hard time picking a winner. this contest was fun and thank you once again ♥♥♥

    1. No problem Elisabeth! You had a great entry! Let me know if you would like to do an interview or have your button on my blog!

    2. I would love to do an interview (: Thanks!! xx.

  5. Congrats to the winners! I might to a writing contest to (someday). But you must do a another Jollygirl! So much fun!

    1. If you have a writing contest I will definitely try to enter! Your entry was amazing!

  6. Oh my! I love the works of all the winners of your writing contest. Softly We Tread is beautiful in its simplicity and it definitely deserves the top spot. Kudos to everyone who participated in the contest! I hope the next one will be as equally successful. Thanks for sharing!

    Michelle Scott @ Skild


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