The Giver (Review)

     Many of you guys probably know that the movie "The Giver" came out a couple of days ago! And, since I'm a big fan of  the book "The Giver" I rushed to see the movie based on it. I wanted to make a tiny tiny review on it so here it is!

The Giver Trailer

After seeing the trailer I wasn't so sure about watching the movie. The trailer seemed very different from the book. After seeing the movie though, I realized that the movie was very true to the book. Sure, some parts were changed but in the most part everything was the same! I rate it 5 stars!

The Characters

I loved the choice of actors for the characters! They were exactly how I portrayed them to be while I was reading the book! Also, the actors acted really well!


This whole section is a shout out to the author of The Giver! I love the plot! It was created so wisely and keeps you reading/watching! 


I really loved how the first part of the movie was in black and white! I thought that that was nice because it showed the community as how it looked to people (who were not the receiver of course) 

Age Recommendation

The Giver is a PG-13 movie but I would recommend it for mature 10 year olds and up! 


  1. Ooooh... I read The Giver and I really liked it, but I found the ending was a bit inconclusive. I hope in the movie they find a way to tie things up a bit more. I can't wait to see it!

    1. Yeah, The Giver is a really good book! I also thought it was a bit inclusive! In the movie it explains everything a bit more!

  2. I'm glad to hear you liked The Giver! The story looks interesting.


    a free mind

  3. The movie really succeeds in making one feel grateful for the freedoms, emotions, and overall beauty that we take for granted everyday. 


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