An Update on Things and Goals for Summer that have to do with Blogging!!!

   Hi!!! I''m sorry that I have not posted anything in a while but I will give you guys a general update on things.
   First of all, notice that there is a new gadget on my blog that says members at the top. With that you can follow me with google friend connect. There is another gadget on this blog where you can subscribe to posts on email.
   So, I started lego camp. It is half day. Yesterday I made these super cool karate kicking legs. It was this creation that could move while kicking!! It was so cool!!! I've made lots of other creations too! . 

Goals for Summer that have to do with blogging

1. I want to get 5 followers by the end of summer
2. I  want to discover around 15 more blogs and follow them
3. I want to post pretty frequently and not have long gaps where I don't post anything at all.
4. I want to add one more page to my blog

That is it for today!! Bye!!

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