A recipe

  Hi!!! A few days ago I made this recipe!! I will now share the steps with you!

1. First take a biscuit (the brand "Parle G" is a really good for this recipe) 
2. Spread Nutella over the flat side of the biscuit with a butter knife

3. Take one or two Craisins and put them on the flat side of the biscuit. (If Raisins and Cranberries had a baby they would be called Craisins)

4. Take a chessmen cookie and crush it into a powder. Sprinkle the chessman cookie powder over the biscuit.

Now you are done!!! I don't have a picture of what I made so I'll just describe it.
A small biscuit with dark brown nutella on one side and one Craisin on it in the middle of the biscuit and a sprinkle of crushed chessmen cookie on it. 

This might sound like a odd recipe but it tastes really good. My family ate it and they loved it!! I really like the craisin on the biscuit because it gives a nice pop of flavor and is contrasting with the rest of the ingredients.

Remember I said that I would tell one fact about my self every day? Well since I didn't blog for eleven days I'll tell you guys 5 things about my self today- not 11- I don't have time for that right now! So, lets get on with it!!Also from now on I won't tell things about my self every day just frequently.
1. I'm reading "To kill a Mockingbird" right now
2. I like to follow blogs (If you want me to follow yours I'd love too!)
3. I am double jointed
4. I like experimenting(not necessarily science)
5. I'm not sure if I'm an introvert or and extrovert

So that is it for today!!


  1. I'll actually try this recipe tomorrow! :D Well, that is, if I have enough time to stop by the grocery store to buy chessmen cookies. :) Ooh, To Kill A Mockingbird! I've only seen the movie! Is the book good? If it is I'm going to try and read it ASAP!!! I love experimenting with things too-- mainly wiith cooking, blog designing, and writing, none in any particular order. And did you know there's actually a name for people who are in the exact middle of introverts and extroverts? Their called "ambiverts". So you might be an ambivert.

    Oh yeah, a couple more blogging tips: try to design and spruce up your blog! Blog designs tend to reflect the blogger and their posts. You can change the color theme and style, find backgrounds (simple ones work best), anything really! There are also some people who will design blogs for free and they'll collaborate with you to work on a design. :D If you need help on designing, just ask me! I have a design business that's for free so if you want a design from me, just ask! But working on your design and spending time coding is, at the end, really rewarding. You get a sense of pride. I know lots of HTML/CSS that you can use if you do that option, too! And also I'm going to be posting some blogging tips throughout the month, and I think next Saturday I'll actually be posting a tip about designing!

    One final question: How are we going to exactly do the interview? Do you want me to send the questions to you in a comment or email back and forth?

    xoxo Morning

  2. To Kill A Mockingbird is okay so far. I think that the book will get more exciting as I keep reading. I actually have not watched the movie for the book but I plan to after finishing the book.
    I usually experiment with cooking, blogging, or science. In fact, the recipe in this blog post was an experiment with good results!!
    I knew that some people are in-between extroverts and introverts but I didn't know they were called ambiverts.
    Thanks for the blogging tips!! I'm glad that over the summer you are posting tips about blogging.
    I think it would be better if you sent me questions for the interview through comments. Thanks for the opportunity to do this interview. I really appreciate it!!

  3. P.S: If I need help on designing I will make sure to ask you!!

  4. Hey Jollygirl! My blog is finally launched, even though it only has one post!


    1. Oakstar, that is awesome! I just checked it out! I love your first post!

  5. Yummy Jollygirl!



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