Some New Announcements and Another Description of a Dream

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Now, on to my crazy dream that happened when I was in preschool.

                                    The Dream

A witch came to my family's house in the disguise of a house helper person. We hired her to help clean our house. I discovered that she was a witch when I heard her plotting evil things. So, I pushed her into the laundry machine and put the machine on cycle. That was the end of the dream that I had in 

Yes, I had crazy dreams a lot a few years ago. I still have plenty of dreams but they are not that crazy and I can't remember much about them. I think my last dream had something to do with businesses. Having a dream about businesses is quite peculiar but-oh well.

I started reading Anne of Anvonlea (the second book of the Anne of Green Gables Series). It has been  few months since I have read the first book.

My favorite characters in Anne of Green Gables series so far

1. Anne 2. Diana 3. Gilbert Blythe 4. Marilla 5. Mr. Harrison (sort of ) 6. Rachel Lynde 
(My top two favorite characters are Anne and Rachel Lynde).

I'm also reading "Almost Home" which is pretty good. Have a good day!!!
P.S. One fact about me is that I like the book Anne of Green Gables.

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