Hansel Gretel Parody Dream

   On my last post I said that I would tell something new about myself to you guys everyday. So the new thing about myself that I'm telling you is that I've had a Hansel and Gretel parody dream. It was a few years ago and very weird. I would have to say that the weirdest thing about that dream was when the girl who could talk revealed that the witch cut her tongue off long ago. That didn't make any sense because no one can talk without a tongue and somehow the girl did.

    Basic Story of Hansel and Gretel Parody Dream

A witch took a bunch of people as hostages in some sort of camp. This other person and I befriended this girl. The girl had some secret that she wouldn't tell us. Eventually, she told us that she didn't have a tongue because the witch cut it off. The witch made everybody in the "camp" do labor for her. Close to the end of the dream, she banished me to the top of a mountain. I didn't want to so I fought her with a hat (yes, I did say hat). The dream ended then.
   You might be wondering why I remember this dream from years ago. Well, sometimes I just remember dreams. I have no idea why. Anyway, bye!!!!!!

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