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       Has someone ever told you that something about you isn't good? If someone does tell you this, don't start worrying like crazy. When people do this, it doesn't mean that something about you is horrible. It just means that whoever made the rude comment was insecure. Nobody wants to put down people randomly unless they admire something about that person. That is why, rude comments or "put downs" often come from jealousy. So when someone says something rude to you and if you have a suspicion that the cause of it is jealousy, ask why they said what they did. This might not get them talking but it also might! Once you get to the cause of the problem, you can fix it from there!

Yesterday we had a huge test.Someone fell asleep while taking it. Then, when the teachers came to him, they noticed he was not moving and checking his test like he was supposed too. Our teacher started frantically shaking him until he suddenly woke up but went back to the sleeping position again.Then in the afternoon we had a short math (20 minutes) and even though we were supposed be playing jeopardy then, we actually talked about cigarettes, smoking, e-cigarettes,etc..........It was quite an interesting math class. We also erupted our volcano. Three other kids and I had to carry it down the steps to the soccer field. It weighed about over ten pounds and was pretty heavy to take downstairs even though the weight was distributed between four people. It was supposed to shoot 20 feet into the air but that did not happen because we didn't use diet coke. Our teacher said that we can do the same thing next week with diet coke.

          I am writing a story right now. I will post snippets of it on here. There are a few main characters but the one who narrates the story is Robin (girl). I didn't describe how she looks in my story yet but I suppose she will look like the picture below.

Below is a snippet from the story

 I woke up at midnight to find an eerie creature in front of me.  It had a dark black cloak with a face that had almost a melted texture to it. Its feet were shaped like tiny bird feet-very oversized for the body which was about six feet long.
I was too appalled to speak. I mean- what was I supposed to do? As the creature slowly raised its bony hand upwards I closed my eyes and prepared for the worst. I waited for a few seconds waiting for the creature to do something. How long was the creature going to take? If I had to face some kind of despair I’d rather have it over with. I took just a little peek up at the creature and was surprised to see that it was only waiving and had a confused look on its face. “What are you?” I asked. “What do you mean ‘what are you’? I think the question you should be asking is ‘who are you?’,” the creature responded in a annoyed tone.  “B-b-but you’re not a human?” I stuttered. “Great inference,” the creature said in a sarcastic tone. “Of course I’m not a human! I’m a Janku from the world of Gregornia and my name is Pyroth,” the creature exclaimed. “Wait, what? Why are you here? What is a Janku? What is Gregornia?”
The creature sighed. “I guess we have to start at the beginning then,” he said. “Gregornia is a land that you get to by holding a lateeee, which is a gem and “Gregornia” five times. There is many types of creatures there. Right now, a young man named Sad is going to rule the kingdom. Many of us know that he has bad intentions. For that reason, we must find other people that we think have the talents needed for ruling and take them to Gregornia. We will try to make them King/Queen.” “How do you know that I have the talent for this anyway?” I said. “I've been watching you very closely for a while. So anyway, come with me” “You have been stalking me! I’m not coming with you!!” I screamed. “You have to.” “No!” Then Pyroth took out a sack (I don’t know what was in it) and thrust it toward my head. Everything went black and clouded. All I could think about was pain.
My eyes flashed open. Where was I? If felt a rough surface beneath me. I sat up and saw other people sitting beside me. Pyroth was here too! I was in a wheelbarrow. “What did you do!” I screamed. “Just deal with it!”Pyroth said. How was I supposed to deal with this? My life was ruined. I was in the middle of nowhere-actually worse than that. If Pyroth is going to be so inconsiderate, I guess I just won’t talk to him.
There was about five people sitting in front of me. “What are all of your names? We are all in a bad situation together and we ought to get to know each other. My name is Robin and as you can see, I’m a girl,” I explained.  The other people’s names were Emma, Haylee, Chris, Noah, and Ethan. We all told each other things about each other.
“We need to figure out some master plan to escape,” I declared. “What if I don’t want to escape?” Chris asked. “Why would you want to stay here! Wouldn’t you rather go back to your family and friends on earth?” Emma said looking very puzzled. “I wouldn’t,” Haylee said. “Me either,” Chris said. “Why?” I asked. “Can we just change the topic?” Haylee asked. “Sure,” I said. Even though the others looked fine without knowledge of why Chris and Haylee didn’t want to go home, I was yearning for the answer. However, I wouldn’t ask any more questions until the time has come for them.

I decided to put aside my anger to Pyroth and ask him a few questions. He was in a carriage in front of the wheelbarrow.  The horses in front of the luminous carriage were pulling the wheelbarrow with six kids in it, and the carriage. I had to stand up (with bending my knees) to get eye level to Pyroth. “Where are you taking us?” I asked irately.  “There is a workshop and a house that I own. Many other people are helping this mission too-about 25 people-so it will be very crowded in the house even though it is very big. You will have to share a room with one other person,” Pyroth responded. I looked behind me and saw everyone else behind me also listening in. “Go ahead and decide who you want to share a room with,” he said. Chris and Haylee immediately said “We are partners,” to each other. That seemed mysterious to me-that a girl and boy would pair up. Then Noah and Ethan paired up. The only two people left were Emma and I so I guess we share a room now. I felt sort of sleepy so I laid down and closed my eyes and eventually the traps of sleep caught me.

Hope you enjoyed! This is just a small preview!! When I'm done with the whole story I will post the whole thing on the writing page! BYEEEE!!!!! 

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