Believe You Can

  Today I wanted to talk about a quote. The quote is below. 
Believe you can and you're halfway there. - Theodore Roosevelt

  This quote is motivational. If you believe you can't do something, you'll never accomplish that kind of task. Think about it like this, believing you can, takes you halfway there so if you don't believe in yourself, but try to do a task or something else similar to that, you will never get past "halfway there". 
   Believing you can, is very important. It is the seed of the plant. Without the seed you can never have a plant. Just like that, without confidence you can never accomplish anything. 
   You might be wondering: "How do you get confidence?" Well, lets take an example. Lets say you're studying for a test you don't think you will pass. To get confidence, just do everything possible that you can do to ace that test. (ex: flash cards, song, etc....) Then, you can say to yourself "I did everything that I possibly could and now I'm a master on this subject. I will go to that test room confidently because I know I can pass." With this attitude and confidence, you surely will. (You can apply this method to get confidence for anything, not just tests)
    I hope that my writing about this quote inspires you to believe in your self. Just remember that you can do any thing! Byeeeeeee!!!!!!

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