Test Tips

   Hi everybody! Hope your doing well. I will say that my posts on weekdays might be shorter than usual. Today I found out that I did really well on a test. I want to share my strategies with all of you so you can get good grades on a test too.
1. Study. Study. Study. Studying is really important. Make time for it!
2. Don't stress about the test. If you studied you will be fine
3. When I take tests (especially language arts tests) I sometimes highlight or underline the important words in a question or important parts of the story. It will really help if you need to get back to something or just really understand what you are supposed to do.
4. Take time and check over your test. Checking over, results in way better grades
If you follow these tips you will do great on almost every test you take. Remember, it's okay if you get a bad grade on a test once in a while. It happens to everyone. All you need to do is figure out what you did wrong. Hope you have a great day! Bye!

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