Snow Days

       This is the first day I am writing on my new blog. I am exited to start. 
       This week has been crazy. My school has had four days off in a row because of snow! It was pointless to put a snow day on Tuesday though because the snow started long after school was over( snow started 5:00 to 6:00.) I would have preferred to go to school that day because we were getting report cards (unlike most people I like getting report cards) but I know the school was only closed for student safety. I am happy that people care about our safety in that way.
      On Wednesday I played in the snow for a little bit. I made a snow angel that day with eyes and a mouth and it was still there the next day. It finally disappeared when my dad ran over it with his car when he was going to work.
      I don't know why or how my school got four snow days. In fact, it didn't snow too much where I live. I guess there are some pros and cons of snow days. Pros: We get to have time to do what we want and we are free of school. Cons: We have to make up for snow days and it can get boring if you are in the house so long. Nevertheless, I hope you enjoyed your snow days (if you had any) and your week.

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