Snow again!

        Hi everybody. Wral says it's going to snow again! If my school closes for a snow day I'll have to go to school for a day during spring break. I'm wishing and wishing that we only have a two hour delay. I want spring break to be a part of the year where we can just spend our time frolicking around not going to school. Many people agree with me on this subject. 
    Okay so I found some new songs that are really good so I'll list them below.

1. "Counting Stars" by onerepublic
2.  "Passenger let her go" (I don't know who wrote it)
3.  "Treasure" (I don't know who wrote it"
4.   "Burn"   (I don't know who wrote it)
5.    "Timber" by Kesha

I know my post was short today. I'll post more later-maybe tomorrow or the next day. But for now, Bye!


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