One of the most lovable creatures in the world: Babies!

    Babies are pretty cute. Practically everyone loves them. In fact, I visited one today. She grabbed my finger and wouldn't let go. Have you ever noticed that babies smile all the time for all kinds of things? I like that babies are almost always happy. They really do brighten up your mood.
    I really like that the smiles of a baby are true. You can see it. The sparkling glimmer in their eyes. Their dazzling smile. The smiles of babies just lift my mood. It's fun to make them laugh and smile . On the subject of laughing, have you ever heard the laugh of a baby? It is like pure magic. I say it is like pure magic because it can quickly turn a frown upside down.
    Babies also won't judge you. There will be no labels with a baby (or a young toddler.)
   Babies are really warm. It's fun to hug them or have their arms clasp around you.
   Don't think playing with a baby makes you less cool. IT DOES NOT.  In fact, I believe that being cool isn't important.Babies are great for playing with. To those of you who have not yet interacted with a baby, please do! It can really brighten your life and add some fun.
   Now, don't  get the wrong image about what I am saying.  I am saying interact with babies in your life but still interact with kids your age too.

Hope you have a good week! Bye!

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