Have you ever noticed when people say doing a certain action is a bad but they do it too? The term for that is hypocrite. I seriously don't think what hypocrites do is right. Live by this rule by some famous person "Don't preach what you don't follow". It's true. Lets say a friend of yours is saying somebody is being mean and they should stop but this friend is also mean to people. It wouldn't make sense to say that somebody is being mean and they should stop if you are mean too. So please everyone, just only preach what you follow. I find it annoying and frequently don't know who I should support in a fight because of hypocrites. Basically the groups fighting are each doing something bad. So I advise you to tell people what I have said and follow it.
      I'm sorry I have not been posting for a while. I promise that I'll post more frequently. Bye! 

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